S3 E-Type

On the road again.
Here's a short clip of the car taken on a sunday morning during our ritual run up to the dam at Teluk Bahang.

I like the car much more now; the vagueness of handling has gone (no doubt due to the addition of working shocks) and the positioning on the road is a lot more predictable.

On the road again.chuck goolsbee|03 Apr : 08:06

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Love that perspective! Tell me about your camera and mount!


Re: On the road again.Administrator |03 Apr : 21:07
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Hi Chuck,

The camera's on a tripod with 2 legs down behind the seats and a short one resting on the convertible top close to the rear deck. I'm using a cheap sony 0.7X wide angle adapter to get enough bonnet in the shot...

On the road again.rod|19 May : 20:31

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glad you don't live and drive anywhere near me
you don't appear to care about any one driving just you !!!!!
australia don't visit

Re: On the road again.Anonymous|24 May : 10:07

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Visited already Rod. Suggest you don't leave australia if road rules are your thing...

On the road again.Rod's message above...|11 Jan : 20:49

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Hi Dave,

It appears Rod is jealous not only of the Jag but your driving abilities...somebody should tell Rod the Australian pioneer population was made up of convicts that were given their freedom in return for setting up residence there....

Take care Dave and thanks for this great site.



On the road again.Admirer|01 Mar : 06:22

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Great video clip, nice driving, lovely car! Thanks for sharing. (In some areas, a synonym for Rod is Dick. Appropriately enough).

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