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"De-Federalising" the Lights
Switching from all-red to red & orange tailights

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Some observations on the differences in the components.

Marek's clever solution to this problem is lower down the page)

I want orange indicators on my car...not the '70s US-style flashing red. At first thought this should be simple, just change the lens to the orange type...but no. The pictures below indicate the problem:

For the US style lamp the stop-tail & brake lights are separated vertically [i.e. they are side-by-side]For the Euro-style the stop & tail is at the bottom and the indicator is at the top.

So, the Euro-style lens will fit the US-style housing but your signals will be confused, with both orange and red bits lighting up! Solution: must purchase the whole lamp-unit to convert. BTW, this lamp unit is the same as that fitted to contemporary the Lotus Elan.

Marek Hermaszewski contacted me with a very clever, reasonable cost solution to this problem which is a 'rework' of a set of orange covers to suit the side-by-side lamp housings: "Using two plastic covers from a Lotus, I am going to convert my lights. See pics. The red part of the red/orange covers will come off if gently treated with cellulose thinners. You can then repaint the red bits where you want them with Tamiya clear red! Result is a unique and far better tail piece. The reversing lights can also be properly housed."


"De-Federalising" the LightsJohn Connolly|08 Nov : 22:15

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Marek makes an excellant product !!

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